Panelboard (CPCRI Approved)

Panelboard (CPCRI Approved)

Main Panel Boards

Main panel boards, also known as distribution boards or electrical panels, serve as the central hub for distributing electricity throughout a building or facility. Our main panel board services include design, installation, and maintenance to ensure reliable power distribution. We customise panel boards to accommodate the specific electrical load requirements of your property, while adhering to safety codes and regulations. From residential homes to commercial complexes, our main panel boards are engineered for optimal performance and safety.

Sub – Panel Boards

Sub-panel boards are auxiliary panels that branch off from the main panel to distribute power to specific areas or circuits within a building. Our sub-panel board services involve the design, installation, and configuration of these secondary distribution boards. Whether you’re adding new circuits or expanding your electrical system, our sub-panel boards are expertly installed to meet your power distribution needs efficiently and safely.

Distribution Panels

Distribution panels are essential components of electrical systems, responsible for routing power from the main panel to various circuits and loads throughout a building. We encompass the design, installation, and maintenance of these panels to ensure optimal power distribution. We carefully plan the layout and configuration of distribution panels to maximise efficiency and minimise the risk of electrical faults.

MCC & PCC Panels

Motor Control Centres (MCC) and Power Control Centres (PCC) are specialised panels used in industrial settings to control and distribute power to motors and equipment. We design, install and integrate these panels into your industrial electrical system. We customise MCC and PCC panels to meet the specific requirements of your facility, ensuring seamless operation and efficient control of your motor-driven machinery and processes.

APFC Panels

Automatic Power Factor Correction (APFC) panels are used to improve power factor in electrical systems, optimising energy efficiency and reducing utility costs. Our APFC panel services involve the design, installation, and tuning of these panels to maintain power factor within desired limits. We implement advanced control algorithms and high-quality components to ensure reliable and accurate power factor correction, helping you save energy and enhance the performance of your electrical system.

Lighting Panels

Lighting panels, also known as lighting control panels or switchboards, are used to control and distribute power to lighting circuits within a building. We encompass the design, installation, and programming of these panels to provide flexible and efficient lighting control.